Where's DADDY!

Where's DADDY!
Can wait to BOX AND BEAN !!!

About Me

I am a flashy fawn boxer and I was born March 28 of '06 - I live in New England where I hear is a place where I can play with water in the summer - leaves in the fall - snow in the winter - and MUD in the spring.. OH I CANT WAIT!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

All settled in!!

I am officially all moved and settled into my new home.. I just love it here.. I can run all around the house and run up and down the stairs.. I have a great big back yard but my mom and dad need to completely fence it in.. I WILL not run away.. but they get nervous and want me safe always...My mom and dad also got a pool for the yard.. but I can tell you right now I dont CARE! I hate water and all that is accociated with it.. Water makes me craxy.. Even on the very hottest of hot days I will not get wet if I can helo it..

Anyhow I have a few pics of me in my new home.. my mom needs to help me keep up with the posts... OK well here are a few pics....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

MOVING ! To our NEW HOME !!!!

Yep the folks did it !!! We will be in out home end of May!!! Pictures to follow!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

How time flies!

I have been wondering where the time has gone.. it seems like Christmas was just days ago.. I have had a good yr.. cant complain.. I am looking forward to another year with the best parent ever! I love them so much! here are a few pictures

Sunday, September 23, 2007

So much fun today !

I had the Best time today! I have two new friends Vegas and Cesar!!! They are brother and sister and look alot alike... We played so well together. Cesar is a handsome guy! Umm, I think he like me too! I saw him wink at me a few times.. Oh wait that might have been the sun... hehehe I played for over an hour and I could have played longer but mom and dad needed to get home to watch a football game.. I came in and rested on the couch until 5pm!!!!! I just came in from playing outside with my mommy.. She was taking some more pictures of me. Well here are some pictures of my new friends!!!! I like thier mommy and daddy too!!! Thanks E & E !!!


Been a while I know... sowwy... I have been busy :)

I am so excited I will be playing with new friends today.. Vegas and Cesar.. They look just like me! Flashy Fawns.. I cant wait ! I will definantly post pics of my playdate!

I miss my boyfriend Jones tho.. His mommy had a baby in Aug and I am waiting patiently for the right time to see him AND his new skin bro! I hope all is well with him..

My mommy and Daddy are in the process of buying a new home for me! They say its alot of work but I will be very happy in the end.. I hear its gonna be before the snow flies but we never know.. I like my home now but I know they will be happier with something bigger and better for me.. and this time it will be the best ever! I will write more in a bit but for now enjoy my new black and white photos :) Oh yeah, Tumbles is in one only because I "let" him hahaha.. I was watching for my daddy to pull in and he just happened to be in my way.. My mom like it so ok ,,, I guess I do too!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Been a while since I have been here to update you all!!! But Ihave been just having so much fun in my new home.. here are some great shots of me in my new yard !!!! I know I should be giving you all updates on a regular basis but I cant find alot of time to do it.. my mom and dad are real busy too.. They are trying to buy a home and I guess that keeps them distracted and busy too.. Working thing for mom isnt something I am getting used to but I know she likes her job and she buys me treats and toys every week.... I have a playdate today with my love Jones !!!! did I mention how handsome he is?? I will have some more pictures when we come back later today !!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Play and play and play!!!!!

I am adjusting to my new home so well.. My new schedule is working out for me.. I play most of the day and rest whenever I feel the need.... ahhhhhh..... I have some really neat pictures of me with my newest toy.. Its a donut with pink frosting and sprinkles... These pics are black and white but you get the idea.... I fell asleep after a while from all the play.....................
Im eating good and I spend quality time with my mom and dad and Kendyl.. I'm still missing my lil bro very much though.. I think he would have liked the new house as well.. there is so much to do... but I'm feeling a lil sad when no one wants to play with me.. My tennis ball seems to do the job when I want to chase something...
The nicer weather is coming up quick and I will be outside more, making plans and playdates with my good friend Jones! I miss him.. ok, well I am off for now because I need to get my playtime in with mommy before she goes to work... (she mentioned new toys with this new job and she wasnt kidding :)


BARRY U NUT !!!   HORAAAH !!! anda WOOF WOOF !!!
This section is dedicated to BARRY : my mom and daddy's friend who is far away in a war....Come home soon - we miss you.. I want to BOX you around !!!!!